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VMRepair can assist you with support of AirSep Oxygen Concentrators, please call us at 1.800.524.1597 with any questions.

VMRepair can assist you with support of DiVilbiss Healthcare Oxygen Concentrator parts, please call us at 1.800.524.1597 with any questions.

We are an Authorized Repair Center for Invacare Oxygen Concentrators.

Support of Philips SimplyGo, SimplyGo Mini, EverFlo, Millenium, Ultrafill Units & CPAP Repairs

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Medical oxygen concentrators are outfitted with special filters and sieve beds that aid in removing nitrogen from the air and providing completely pure oxygen to the patient. Besides hospitals and doctor's offices, medical oxygen gas systems, such as oxygen concentrators and compressed oxygen gas cylinders, are widely used in home care settings. The need for medical oxygen concentrators is anticipated to grow due to the increasing prevalence of various ailments like COVID-19, COPD, sleep apnea, hypoxemia, pulmonary edema, and other respiratory illness, as well as increased demand in geriatric and bedridden patients.

Glass Arts

Oxygen concentrators are often used as the source of “Oxygen” in Lampworking also called flameworking or torchworking.

Glassblowing works with a furnace, whereas lampworking uses oxygen from an oxygen concentrator to heat glass and bend it, shaping it into various artist designs. Lampworking is used to create artwork, including beads and figurines.

Do you have a high-flow concentrator that you use for glass art that needs repair or are you looking for a replacement unit? We are happy to support artists in this growing industry, VMRepair can service your unit and get you back to what you enjoy doing.